Andreas Dorau: »Der Refrain – ein Abend ohne Strophen«

25.08.17 / 22:00 - 23:00 / /
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Photo: Artist / Video: Anne Schulte

He sang »Girls in Love«, his »Telefon sagt Du« [»Telephone Says You«], and everybody went »Fli-Fli-Fla-Fla-Flaschenpfand« (that’s a not translatable jingle about German bottle deposit): for decades, Andreas Dorau has incorporated both the small and big themes of life into his witty pop hits – and especially into his truly amazing choruses. Dorau has been interested in the latter since the early days of his childhood, when he would place the record player needle at the part he calls the »the bouillon cube of a song« over and over again.

Now and together with his colleague Zwanie Jonson, he throws this cube twenty-fold into the cooking-, or rather pop-pot. In a one-of-a-kind experiment conducted especially for »Pop-Kultur« called »Ein Abend ohne Strophen« [»An Evening Without Verses«], Andreas Dorau and guests present 20 specially composed choruses in 40 minutes – verses, intros, and three-minute guitar solos not included. But who needs those, anyway?

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