Little Simz

24.08.17 / 21:30 - 22:20 / /
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We’ll say one thing up front: the only thing little about Simbi Ajikawo aka Little Simz is and will always be her artist name. Her dreams are big. The problems against and about which she raps are damn big. The skills and the flow with which she does this are bigger than big. The 23-year-old Brit and former child actress has managed to catapult herself into the top ranks of UK rap over the course of just a couple of years.

Her beats and instrumentals are sometimes hard à la trap, other times soft and jazzy. No matter what the style, Ajikawo pulls it off flawlessly, meanwhile casting herself as the present-day Alice in Wonderland and walking in the footsteps of Martin Luther King. She’s already put out two albums, four mixtapes, and numerous EPs. Kendrick Lamar is a big fan, and soon you will be too!

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