»Pop-Kultur – Do We Need This Festival at All?«, Presented by Off-Kultur

24.08.17 / 18:40 - 19:40 / /
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Talk with Michael Aniser (Off Kultur), Katja Lucker (Musicboard Berlin) and Michael Hilger (Dawn of the Dance, Greyzone)

Host: Regina Lechner (Groove / Neuköllner.net)

A festival like »Pop-Kultur« would hardly be feasible if it weren’t for funding from the public sector. And whenever there is public funding, the question arises: How and for what purposes is tax money used? Who benefits and who is supported? Who actually needs this support, and who is excluded, even pushed out? In this talk with Michael Aniser, Katja Lucker, and Michael Hilgers, the presenter Regina Lechner puts it bluntly: is a festival like ours even necessary at all?

Together with like-minded colleagues, Aniser hosted the festival »Off-Kultur« last year as a critique of »Pop-Kultur«’s focus and perceived importance. Lucker is the CEO of Musicboard Berlin and director of »Pop-Kultur«. Hilgers again is a booker at Berlin concert agency Greyzone. Lechner is a cultural journalist, co-founder of the Grimme Award -winning online magazine neukoellner.net, and a member of the music radio and blog Ashore.