24.08.17 / 22:40 - 23:20 / /
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One might call the music of Oligarkh a Russian panorama; it’s a journey through the society of the giant nation, from remote villages to suburban settlements to the modern fortresses of the super-rich. And above it all floats the imagery of Orthodox Christianity in a reflected analysis. You could also just call it Slavic rave – that’s what Victor Volcovich, Evgenii Bugaev, and Anton Chizhenok do, anyway.

While Chizhenok does the visuals and Bugaev plays the drums, Volcovich takes care of the electronics. On their two albums and a new EP, which they will present for the first time live in Germany during »Pop-Kultur«, the St. Petersburg band unites balalaikas with breakbeats and spirituals with synths. For once, the church makes it outside of the village. Accordingly, be sure to make it off of your couch!

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